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Wahh kids r gods gifts teens are satan1!1! by Little-rolling-bean Wahh kids r gods gifts teens are satan1!1! by Little-rolling-bean
Response they get:
"Yah! I agree! When I was their age..."
"I wish teenagers would read instead of use their phones!"
"Fuck all of them!"

"I don't like children, their screams make my ears hurt. I am never having them."
Response they get:
"You are a disgusting human being! Children are the future!"
"You are hating on your past self!"

There is this one little brat who is worshipping babies who is currently stalking my stamps saying shit like "it is the uploaders fault for uploading something horrible, not the mothers or the childs!" and being utterly rude just because she disagrees with me. She fails to even look at the description since she asks questions that I already said the answers to. She will come here I bet and not even notice I am talking about her since she never looks at the bloody description and say some bullshit again. I fucking predict it, I am magical.

Ugh, I fucking hate how people stereotype us teens and then worship babies no matter what the fuck they do. As I always say:

If a teen were to accidentally break a vase he would get grounded.
But if a 5 year old were to PICK IT UP, and THROW it on the floor on purpose he would get away with it.

We just are not cute enough are we? Maybe if I drew on the walls and screamed in your fucking ear I would be loved? Hm? :stare:

Not all teens go around and take drugs or drink alcohol. Instead I play fucking Animal Jam and work on my literature. How horrible of me. It is just as bad as me saying all children are loud and annoying.

"But children do not know what they are doing!"
That is because you never ever fucking tell them that what they are doing is bad and excuse their shitty behavior with that "they r just kidz!!1". At this rate the next generation will be even shittier than this one. Have fun building a shitty child that will grow into the shitty teenager you hate so much.

"But baww you are hating on your past self!"

"But teens are bratty and try to kill people, kids just sit there and be all KAWAII!1!"
That article may not be true, but it is not the first time this has happened:…
Now this one there is a true story. I saw it on TV and was absolutely disgusted plot twist: the mother of the 10 year olds fucking forgave them :stare:

"Teens know what they are doing!"
We should never excuse a teenagers behavior, that is true. But we should also never excuse a child's behavior


Do I hate kids? Yes. It depends. Mostly I do, because mostly when I am around them they make my ears hurt. And let me tell you, my ears are so sensitive I had to be at a special ed kindergarden. Some people have it worse than me, with one disability where they cannot stand a spoon dropping. Do you expect people like that to tolerate and love kids so much?

Do I hate teens? Yes. It depends also. Just immature ones.

But that does not mean I support child abuse. I swear I would take my own life if it meant child abuse would leave the world forever. I wanna adopt an orphan (one out of the screaming stage) because they deserve a life just like the other kids, full of love and comfort. In fact, I want to own my own orphanage where we treat each other like family and there is a pool as well as maybe having a fundraiser to help mothers raise their accident or rape babies instead of aborting them or giving them up for adoption.

But despite all that, I do not worship children, I am still therefore a horrible person that should be burnt at the stake. Oh yes, and being a teenager adds to the reason why people hate me so much.

If it is okay for you to be nasty about teenagers, it should be okay for me to NOT kiss a kids fucking ass! Also, you are not much of a child lover if you suddenly hate them when they turn 13 as if you only love them for their age. Omg it sounds a little pedophiliac doesn't it?

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SunnyBrightSky Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014
It's because children doesn't know or understand crap until they're about 5 (when you supposed to tell them what is right and what is wrong) or 7 (when their brain can actually process what is right and wrong)
That's why people doesn't really get mad at them. But as teenagers, we can actually think what's right and wrong, that's why we have to take responsibility.

But that doesn't mean I'm hating on teenagers. You're right that not ALL teenagers do drugs or alcohol, and people who said that really need help. -_-
Children isn't actually some doll or excuse for a 'kawaii' thing in our house, but they are future generation. They're not a 'god-like creature that need love even though they destroy my house.' but more like 'the people to make a good future.' And that will come true IF they are well educated.
Little-rolling-bean Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I understand that you cannot get really mad at a kid, but no matter what age they are, you still have to teach them that it is bad, and not excuse it saying "they are kids". 

Isn't everyone that is gonna live in the future the future? 
We should never excuse a teens bad behavior, but we should not punish one for making an honest mistake yet let a child break another childs arm on propose.  
SunnyBrightSky Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Yes. I agree. You still have to teach kids no matter what age. But if they are too young or their brain still can't process which one is good or bad, it'll be just a waste of energy to teach them. They need action instead. (like separate them from the kid they are fighting with immediately)
The older kids (about 5 or 7 years old) or the one that can already process which good or bad, NEED to be taught if they are being violent or such.

I also agree here. Parents shouldn't let their kids break another child's arm. It's too far for a kid's tolerable mistake.
Teens with bad behavior needs punishment and treatment, but if the said teenager made a little mistake like maybe accidentally breaking a vase and apologize afterwards, you should NOT punish them. (at least just let them buy a cheaper vase. It's pretty reasonable.)

It's actually not the kid's fault if we think about it. It's more of the PARENT's fault. If they teach the kids well enough they won't grow up as a violent or annoying child and possibly they won't grow up as a troubled teenager.

...also sorry! I don't understand the "Isn't everyone that is gonna live in the future the future?" one! Please forgive my bad English... Sweating a little... 
Little-rolling-bean Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think we should start as early as we can. But I am no parent :P

Yes. It is always the parents fault for how a child turns out. Teens, kids, whatever really. 

Kids are the future, but so am I. Everyone is the future because technically isn't tomorrow the future? If we are gonna be here tomorrow, we are the future. Frankly, anyone can change the world, not just kids. 
SunnyBrightSky Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Eh? You don't want to have kids? Why? O.o
I'm not trying to give hate! I'm just curious, really...

It is. So if we taught our kids well enough, they'll be a good person in the future. but by being well doesn't mean by spoiling them...

What I meant by future was 'Future Generation'. The new generation not just us. :)
Well... We can also change the world, but we WERE the kids, right? And NOW we are the new generation. It keeps going. The kids now WILL be the next generation who'll change the world.
Little-rolling-bean Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I cannot stand the sound of babies crying. I am gonna adopt my own child who is about the age of 5 or 7. 

Still, that does not mean they are allowed to do shitty stuff and get no disipline.
SunnyBrightSky Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014
Oohh... I see. I can't stand it too, and I also scared of giving birth. ^^''
But I think it'll be a good experience for me.

Of course! Without discipline, how can they be a great person in the future? Being discipline is important.
...aaand I still need to work on that hahaha ^^''
Little-rolling-bean Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
The-Max765 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Yes yes yes yes all the yes. I'm female, and people freak out when it's revealed I can't stand children. And my asexuality doesn't  help their opinion of me, either. BLASPHEMY, EVERY GIRL LOVES BABIES!!1! How about NO. Screaming, whining, destructive, obnoxious, petty little shits that 'normal society' will likely mold into macho, chauvinistic asshats and fashion-obsessed, catty bimbos despite any and all efforts to raise them otherwise? Count me out.
Little-rolling-bean Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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